ULTRAcel Lift & Tighten
Non-Surgical Alternatives


As we age, collagen, and elastin reduces, and this causes our skin to lose strength and resilience.  This can be particular noticeable around the jowls, chin and jawline causing loose sagging skin.

ULTRAcel Ultherapy is a revolutionary, no downtime, TFL (Triple Face Lifting) technology that combines Micro-Needling with Radio Frequency, Surface Radio Frequency and Medical Grade HIFU energy that tightens and contracts the muscular layer.

These three techniques combine to lift not just the skin, but the deep muscle layer underneath, which was previously only reached by surgical facelifts.  Together they create the ultimate non-surgical face lifting technology known as The ULTRA-Effect

ULTRAcel Ultherapy

Medical Grade HIFU – Non surgical alternative to facelift

Full Face Lift

Radio Frequency & HIFU Face + Eyes + Chin + Jowls + Neck

£1800 – ULTRAcel Expert

Jowl Lift

Radio Frequency & HIFU Jawline + Jowls

£800 – ULTRAcel Expert

Under Chin Lift

Radio Frequency & HIFU Under Chin  

£800 – ULTRAcel Expert


Fractional Radio Frequency Micro Needling

Full Face & Neck Skin Tightening

Anesthetic + RF Needling + Mask

£850 – ULTRAcel Expert

Neck Skin Laxity & Tightening

Anesthetic + RF Needling + Mask

£500 – ULTRAcel Expert

Eye & Lip Wrinkle Reduction

Anesthetic + RF Needling + Mask

£500 – ULTRAcel Expert

Acne Scarring

Anesthetic + RF Needling + Mask

£500 – ULTRAcel Expert


Enhance your results with one of our advanced skin boosting add-on treatments. Ideal for a localised areas or targeted concerns.
Dermalux LED

Phototherapy for cellular regeneration + stimulation.

£40 - Skin Health Practitioner

Mesotherpay Nano Soft Needle - Vitamin Infusion - Targeted Area

Restore radiance + deeply nourish the skin

£60 - Skin Health Practitioner

Needle Free Mesotherapy Vitamin Infusion - Targeted Area

Smooth out fine lines and restore a healthy glow

£60 - Skin Health Practitioner

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening - Targeted Areas

ULTRAcel Radio Frequency

£60 - Skin Health Practitioner

IPL + ResurFX - Up to 10 shots

Ideal to spot treat a single vein, a patch of pigment or acne lesions

£60 - Skin Health Practitioner

CBD MĀSK + Neck + Shoulder Massage

Calm inflammation and restore balance

£30 - Skin Health Practitioner

Healthy Skin Mineral Make-Up - Go with a Glow

Skin tone & colour match, blush & highlight - Covers & corrects to keep skin looking radiant & healthy

£15 (Redeemable against purchase Make-up) - Skin Health Practitioner.