Laser Genius Skin Treatments


Exclusive to SkinGenius, bespoke laser facial procedures…

Treatment innovation is at the forefront of the SkinGenius philosophy and we have developed a range of unique energy based laser facial procedures to address individual skin concerns – all in 1 treatment.

Depending on the level of laser facial you require, a combination approach is used to target the 3 key signs of ageing. Laser Genius Facials combine skin resurfacing and laser and light energies to eliminate brown and red pigments to improve overall skin tone and texture. Our treatments range from levels 1-3 depending on the severity of concern, downtime and expected outcome.

SkinGenius ensures safety, comfort and optimal treatment outcome.

Level 1
Improves acne blemishes, age spots, pigmentation and skin redness including rosacea and red veins.

Level 2
Treats the signs of premature ageing and sun damage. It helps to improve overall skin tone & radiance.

Level 3
Advanced Photo-rejuvenation & skin restoration delivers all the benefits of level 2 treatment with the addition of Fractional ResurFX laser for optimum skin rejuvenation.


Book a course of 4 or more treatments and receive a 10% saving plus receive a FREE Brush on Block Sunscreen

IPL/Laser Consultation & Patch Test

Redeemable against course

Level 1 - Laser Genius Acne & Congestion

HydraFacial + Peel + Extractions + Acne IPL + Dermalux LED

£190 – Owner Martine

£170 – Skin Health Practitioner

Level 1 - Laser Genius Pigmentation

HydraFacial + Peel + Photo-damage IPL + Dermalux LED

£190 – Owner Martine

£170 – Skin Health Practitioner

Level 1 - Laser Genius Redness & Vascular

HydraFacial + Peel + Vascular IPL + Dermalux LED

£190 – Owner Martine

£170 – Skin Health Practitioner

Level 2 - PhotoFacial - Triple Layer IPL - Pigmentation, red veins & collagen Stimulation

HydraFacial + Peel + triple layered IPL + Cryo-Cooling + Dermalux LED

£250 – Owner Martine

£230 – Skin Health Practitioner

Level 3 - PhotoFractional - IPL + ResurFX Laser - The ultimate in skin rejuvenation & restoration. Treating all concerns in one treatment. Sun damage, red veins, pigmentation, skin laxity, wrinkle & texture rejuvenation

Exfoliation + Anesthetic + IPL + ResurFX Laser + Cryo-Cooling + Dermalux LED + CBD Home Recovery Mask

£300 – Owner Martine

£280 – Skin Health Practitioner


Enhance your results with one of our advanced skin boosting add-on treatments. Ideal for a localised areas or targeted concerns.
Dermalux LED

Phototherapy for cellular regeneration + stimulation.

£40 - Skin Health Practitioner

Mesotherpay Nano Soft Needle - Vitamin Infusion - Targeted Area

Restore radiance + deeply nourish the skin

£60 - Skin Health Practitioner

Needle Free Mesotherapy Vitamin Infusion - Targeted Area

Smooth out fine lines and restore a healthy glow

£60 - Skin Health Practitioner

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening - Targeted Areas

ULTRAcel Radio Frequency

£60 - Skin Health Practitioner

IPL + ResurFX - Up to 10 shots

Ideal to spot treat a single vein, a patch of pigment or acne lesions

£60 - Skin Health Practitioner

CBD MĀSK + Neck + Shoulder Massage

Calm inflammation and restore balance

£30 - Skin Health Practitioner

Healthy Skin Mineral Make-Up - Go with a Glow

Skin tone & colour match, blush & highlight - Covers & corrects to keep skin looking radiant & healthy

£15 (Redeemable against purchase Make-up) - Skin Health Practitioner.