cosmetic dermatology

Blemish and Mole Removal


Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) uses a a Short Wave Diathermy current to treat unwanted blemishes, such as skin tags, warts, milia, sebaceous cysts and other benign growths.

There are now over 21 different types of growths that can be safely & effectively removed.
We also offer a mole removal service to treat healthy moles.

Before going ahead it’s important that you understand the procedure, recovery, likely outcome and costs. Book an in-depth consultation where we’ll conduct a thorough assessment before recommending the best treatment plan.

Cosmetic Dermatology Consultation Redeemable against procedure

£50 – Owner Martine

15 Minute Skin Blemish Removal Service - 1-10 lesions

£95 – Owner Martine

30 Minute Skin Blemish Removal Service 10 or more lesions

£145 – Owner Martine

Mole Removal Service

Includes 2 treatments at 4 week intervals

£190 – Owner Martine