Revitalise Your Skin with Cutting-Edge Polynucleotide Treatments AT OUR AWARD-WINNING CLINIC IN STOCKTON HEATH, warrington, CHESHIRE.

Unlock the Secret to Youthful, Radiant Skin

Polynucelotides are renowned for their exceptional regenerative and bio-stimulating abilities. We meticulously craft our treatments at SkinGenius Clinic to invigorate and renew the skin, leading to remarkable transformations.

Innovative Care

We utilise naturally occurring DNA fragments in our treatments to repair and nourish skin at a cellular level.

Proven Results

Experience visible improvements in skin hydration, elasticity and texture with our scientifically-backed procedures.

The Science Behind Polynucleotide Skin Treatments

Polynucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA, are lengthy chains of nucleotides. These remarkable molecules have been discovered to greatly enhance skin regeneration and hydration in aesthetic treatments. At SkinGenius Clinic, we harness the power of polynucleotides to stimulate collagen production, improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our treatments are specifically tailored to provide your skin with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive, resulting in long-lasting and naturally radiant outcomes.

Benefits of Polynucelotides

Polynucleotides are the latest breakthrough in regenerative medicine.

The treatment stimulates fibroblasts, enhancing cell turnover, elasticity, collagen production and skin hydration. These injectable gels contain potent wound-healing polymers that soothe inflammation and restore balance to melanocyte activity, resulting in a revitalized and even skin tone.

At SkinGenius Clinic, we offer a premium selection of polynucleotides that treat …



    • Anti-Ageing: Polynucelotides help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen synthesis.
    • Hydration: They improve skin hydration and elasticity, contributing to a more youthful and supple complexion.
    • Skin Healing: Polynucelotides aid in the healing of skin wounds such as acne scars or other forms of damage.
    • Brightness and Tone: Regular treatment improves overall skin texture and tone, giving the skin a brighter appearance.
    • Dark Eye Circles: The treatment improves the overall brightness and vibrancy of your eyes.



    Our team of expert practitioners provide effective solutions tailored to your unique needs. We can also precisely target multiple areas including the scalp, neck, décolletage, inner arms, thighs and knees.

    The ultimate in polynucleotide skin boosters

    At SkinGenius Clinic, our preferred polynucleotide brand of choice to use in treatments is Ameela.

    Ameela is also the class leader in advanced skin rejuvenation. Our exclusive Ameela treatment is meticulously designed to target and resolve concerns related to dehydrated skin, loss of elasticity and for those looking for effective contouring

    Why we choose Ameela


    Concentrated Formula: There is 50 mg of polymerised polynucleotides (25mg p/ml) in each syringe, ensuring a potent and effective treatment.


    Enhanced Skin Quality: Perfectly suited for combating skin laxity, enhancing skin tightening and promoting bio-stimulation resulting in improved skin tone, elasticity and texture.


    Post-Surgery Healing: Designed to accelerate tissue regeneration and enhance the healing process for faster recovery and a seamless transition after surgery.

    Popular Treatment Areas for Polynucleotides




    Duration and Longevity of Polynucleotide Treatments

    For optimal results, we recommend an inital course of 3 treatments every 2-4 weeks to begin with.

    This may then be followed by 1 subsequent treatment every 6-12 months in order to maintain the rejuvenating effects.


    Unlike other skin boosters and dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid, polynucleotides have a unique approach. Instead of providing a temporary boost in collagen and elastin, they act as catalysts in the regeneration of fibroblasts – the primary cells that make up the skin’s structure.

    Each individual’s experience may vary, but our polynucleotide treatments offer long-lasting results that contribute to the revitalization of your skin.

    Post-Treatment Care

    Recovery and Care After Polynucleotide Treatments

    • Following a polynucleotide treatment, clients can expect a minimal down time, typically resuming normal activities within a day. It is crucial to follow specific skincare routines as advised to ensure optimal healing and results.
    • Clients are advised to avoid direct sunlight and use high SPF sunscreen to protect the treatment area. Mild redness or swelling may occur but generally subsides within a few hours post-treatment.
    • Our team at SkinGenius Clinic provides detailed aftercare instructions and is available for any follow-up questions or concerns to ensure a smooth recovery process.


    30 Minutes



    Mild/Moderate Discomfort

    Recovery Time

    Small bumps for 24-48 hours





    Last typically 6-12 months


    From £300

    We would recommend 3 treatments at 2-4 week intervals.

    A top-up treatment may be required 6-12 months later.


    Polynucleotide Treatment FAQs


    What are polynucleotides and how do they benefit the skin?

    Polynucleotides are natural or synthetic nucleic acids that help rejuvenate and hydrate the skin by stimulating collagen production and accelerating tissue repair.


    How long does a typical polynucleotide treatment session last?

    Each session typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the treatment area and specific patient needs.


    Are there any side effects associated with polynucleotide treatments?

    Side effects are minimal and may include temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site, all of which typically resolve within a few hours to days.


    How many treatments are required to see results?

    While some clients notice improvements after just one session, we generally recommend a series of 3 treatments for optimal results, spaced 2-4 weeks apart.


    Can polynucleotide treatments be combined with other aesthetic procedures?

    Yes, these treatments can be effectively combined with other procedures such as microneedling or laser therapy to enhance overall skin rejuvenation and results.


    What is the recovery time for polynucleotide treatments?

    Recovery is typically swift, with most clients returning to normal activities immediately after treatment, although we advise avoiding strenuous activities for the first 24 hours.


    How long do the effects of polynucleotide treatments last?

    The rejuvenating effects can last up to 12 months, after which maintenance sessions can be scheduled to preserve skin vitality and youthfulness.


    Is there anyone who should avoid polynucleotide treatments?

    Individuals with active skin infections, certain allergies, or autoimmune diseases should consult with our specialists before undergoing treatments.


    What should I expect during my first polynucleotide treatment consultation?

    During your initial consultation at SkinGenius Clinic, our experts will assess your skin condition, discuss your aesthetic goals, and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.