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Bespoke Laser Facial Procedures

Treatment innovation is at the forefront of the SkinGenius philosophy and we have developed a range of unique energy based laser facial procedures to address individual skin concerns - all in 1 treatment. 

Depending on the level of laser facial you require, a combination approach is used to target the 3 key signs of ageing.  SkinGenius Laser Facials combine skin resurfacing and laser and light energies to eliminate brown and red pigments to improve overall skin tone and texture.  Our treatments range from levels 1-3 depending on the severity of concern, downtime and expected outcome. 

SkinGenius ensures safety, comfort and optimal treatment outcome.


Prior to treatment, each client undergoes a detailed skin health assessment to discuss concerns and to be educated on the most appropriate treatment plan and most suitable level of laser treatment for best treatment outcome.    



We have developed 3 levels of laser facial procedures according to skin concerns, severity of condition and budget and downtime required.

Level 1 treatments are a great entry level treatment, ideal as a first time treatment or for skins that are showing early signs of ageing.   Level 2 & 3 treatments not only address pigmentation and redness but also provide dramatic results when the skin is in need of greater rejuvenation to treat deeper lines and wrinkles and improve texture including acne scarring.


  • Colour Correction - Improves age spots, pigmentation concerns, skin redness including rosacea 

  • Skin Tightening & Texture

  • Wrinkle & Line Reduction

  • Acne Scarring 

  • Can be performed on neck & decollete as well as face

Level 1 Laser Genius Facial  

A gentle entry level treatment combines skin resurfacing and targeted (IPL) Intense Pulse Light to treat early signs of skin ageing, pigmentation, redness including rosacea and is also beneficial in the treatment of acne/blemished problematic skin concerns.

Minimal to no downtime


Level 2 Laser PhotoFacial

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Photo-Rejuvenation is ideal for treating brown spots from sun damage and skin redness issues which lead to a mottled complexion leaving the skin looking prematurely aged.  IPL PhotoFacial clears the skin of red and brown pigments and also helps to stimulate collagen production helping to tighten the skin, even out skin tone and turn back the clock!   

24-48 hrs post treatment redness which can be covered with Glo-Minerals Pressed Foundation.  Please ask for our colour match service.


Level 3 Laser PhotoFractional 

PhotoFractional Skin Rejuvenation combines Triple Layer IPL technology (Level 2) and ResurFX™ non-ablative laser skin resurfacing.  Both skin tone and skin texture can be treated in the same procedure. 

1-3 days post treatment redness and possible swelling which can be covered with Glo-Minerals Pressed Foundation.  Please ask for our colour match service.


A skin consultation is required to discuss your specific concerns and to check medical history.  Following the consultation, we advise the most suitable treatment plan, perform a patch test and prescribe a pre-treatment homecare regime using our cosmeceutical active ingredients.  Book a Laser Skin Consultation 

Please note: Sun tanning or fake tanning is NOT permitted 4 weeks either side of our laser treatments.   


Patient safety is paramount to SkinGenius and all of our procedures and products are of the highest quality.  We are committed to sourcing and offering the latest, safest and most effective treatments to deliver superior client results.  

SkinGenius Laser Facial Procedures

Level 1

Laser Genius Facials

From £165


A combination approach using HydraFacial, M22 IPL & Cryo-Cooling Mask

Choose from one of our 4 laser facials depending on skin concern

Level 2


From £250

A Combination approach using HydraFacial & a Triple Layer Application of M22 IPL to target the three major signs of premature skin ageing all in one treatment

Sun Damage & Pigmentation

Skin Redness & Red Veins

Skin Tightening & Collagen Stimulation

Includes Cryo-Cooling Mask

Level 3


From £350


The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


The PhotoFra­ctional procedure combines Level 2 IPL PhotoFacial with ResurFX laser to resurface wrinkles, reduce scarring, improve skin texture, reduce redness and lighten pig­mentation from sun-damaged skin


Includes Cryo-Cooling Mask

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