Want to add some “oomph” to your regular facial treatments?

Written By Martine Jarman

Sep 25, 2020

Clinical grade facials are the ‘chosen treatment’ by anyone in the know about skin and who require more effective results than those offered by a typical beauty salon or spa facial treatment.

What’s the difference between a clinical facial and a facial offered in a beauty salon?

Firstly and importantly a medical facial is performed by an ‘Aesthetic or Cosmetic Therapist’ who is qualified to an advanced level and who primarily specialises in treating the skin and has the required skills to target specific skin concerns, be it wrinkles, age spots, acne and skin redness. SkinGenius aestheticians are trained to the highest standards and offer a wealth of experience in skin health and all skin concerns.

Why is a clinical facial is much more powerful than any treatment you can find in a salon or a spa?

Medical-grade cosmeceutical products are used. These products cannot be found in beauty salons or on beauty counters as they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients and can only be prescribed by a fully trained aesthetician. Cosmeceutical products target the ‘living cells’ deep within the skin, triggering cellular stimulation and re-organisation of healthy cells. Scientific evidence is at the core of the SkinGenius philosophy, therefore we choose our Cosmeceutical Partners carefully. SkinGenius use only brands that deliver on the promise of results backed by scientific data.

Who should have a clinical facial?

Anyone can have a clinical facial but remember this is not a pampering treatment. The aim of a clinical facial is to correct skin health concerns and to treat most skin disorders at any age. All skins types, including sensitive skins can be treated. The SkinGenius aim is to help to find long term solutions to improve the skin’s barrier function and to suppress symptoms associated with a compromised skin.

What treatments can I expect to receive in a SkinGenius Clinical Facial?

Clients undergo a full consultation and skin health assessment prior to any treatment. This helps us to tailor a personalised treatment plan so that every client has an end goal. Expect your first appointment to last from one and a half to two hours.

Your treatment will commence with our trademark “SkinGenius Cleansing and Skin Detox Preparation”. We then perform a skin sensitivity test which determines the level of treatment application and post treatment outcome.

To achieve the best results we take a “combination therapy approach” which means that various treatment protocols are individually tailored and integrated into the treatment plan.

SkinGenius offer many types of skin treatments for example – Blemish Removal Service, Controlled Chemical Peeling, HydraFacial Dermabrasion, Skin Needling Devices combined with Radio Frequency, Mesotherapy, LED Phototherapy, IPL, and the latest addition to the clinic is a medical device called ULTRAcel. ULTRAcel, uses a technology know as HIFU “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound” to lift and tighten facial contours. An alternative procedure for those considering a face lift.

You may be familiar with some of these treatments and machines but often for many clients these treatments will be a totally new experience.

The equipment and machines that we work with are classed as medical devices, manufactured by medical companies. Medical devices deliver a higher output of energy which target much deeper into the skin and treatment outcome is far superior to that of a device found in a beauty salon, therefore fewer treatments are required and the results are significantly more effective.

How does a clinical facial feel?

Depending on the equipment used, clinical facials can feel more vigorous than a traditional facial treatment and generally less relaxing. Following the treatment and depending on the treatment administered, the skin will have a radiant and slight flushed appearance. The more intense the treatment then expect redness and in some cases possible swelling which can last 12-48 hours. Overall, the end results will certainly outweigh the intensity of any sensations felt.

How much do I need to invest?

Depending on the treatment administered, the cost can range from £95 – £800 per treatment and for optimum results a course of treatments or combined treatments can be recommended over a period of 3-6 months.

In the long term, as SkinGenius clients testify, the investment is worth every penny if you are looking for glowing, healthy skin and superior results!

If you don’t have the time or can’t spare the expense to accommodate a course of treatments. A treatment every 4-8 weeks is also very beneficial to give your regular skincare routine a boost and will help maintain lasting results.

Why choose SkinGenius Clinical Facials?

SkinGenius Clinic is an Award Winning Brand which prides itself on working with highest standard of products and procedures, delivered in a stylish, clinical surroundings. SkinGenius is recognised as a skin clinic at the forefront of the industry and delivers innovating clinical facial treatments and offers clients a unique experience.

Ready to try a SkinGenius clinical facial?

So now you should be clearer on what to expect during a clinical facial procedure at SkinGenius Clinic, click HERE to book a consultation with one of our experts to find out which treatment is best suited for you

SkinGenius reviews are consistently 5 Star which speaks volumes from our clients.

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